Understanding Maternity Bras

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Candie’s Couture will help make your pregnancy more comfortable.

It is imperative you wear a suitable & well fitting maternity bra specifically designed to meet the distinct requirements of your body during pregnancy & post birth. Hormonal change during these periods will result in rapid growth and fluctuations in your breasts. The skin and tissue is placed under considerable strain, which is followed later by loss in elasticity and volume. A structured and supportive maternity bra will protect your breasts against ligament damage and provide you with much desired relief and comfort.

What are some good sizing tips?
  1. When purchasing a maternity bra, select one that comfortably fits to the near tightest hook to accommodate the ribcage as it expands from trimester 2 onwards.
  2. Select a bra that provides good bust support and more importantly one that doesn’t flatten or squash your breast. Your breasts should appear separated and fit clearly into each cup.
  3. When selecting your nursing bra, purchase one that comfortably fits toward that loosest hook. This will accommodate the ribcage as it contracts to its original size.
  4. If you only need to increase your band size, do remember to drop a cup size and vice versa. Whilst this may sound indifferent, bra bands are designed relative to body size.
  5. Properly fitted flexible wire bras provide superior, unrestricted support. When selecting one, ensure it sits under and behind the breast tissue.
  6. Most importantly, your size will probably vary with each pregnancy. You will need to be re-sized to ensure you receive the right levels of comfort and support.